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SV-2B VEST $49.95

SV-2B VEST $49.95

SV-2B VEST $49.95

SV-2B VEST $49.95


We cooperate fully with the Department of Homeland Security. We only ship authorized items to authorized countries and immediately report any type of suspicious activity.


About us:

Welcome to ArmyOutdoor.com, the leading supplier of U.S. Military surplus. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest possible quality military surplus at the lowest possible prices.  We buy our military surplus directly from the U.S. Military, there is no middleman, and so you pay the lowest possible prices for your military surplus needs. We only sell our military surplus online via our online surplus store and our online military surplus auctions. The fact that we do not have a ďbrick and mortarĒ store means our overhead is very low, this allows us to sell military surplus goods to you at unbeatable prices. When you shop ArmyOutdoor.com you will find the best selection of US Military surplus items at the lowest prices anywhere. 

About our products:

Here at ArmyOutdoor.com our goal is to provide you with top quality military surplus item primarily from the United States. We buy direct from the U.S military and pick up our items directly from U.S. military installations across the United States. We sell all types of U.S. military surplus items from all branches of the U.S. military. We stock a full array of uniforms, field gear, personal equipment, personal protective gear, and flight gear.

Who we serve:

ArmyOutdoor.com services a wide variety of individuals from military personnel including U.S. Army soldiers, United States Marines, USAF, Coast Guard, Police departments, Sheriffs departments, Civil air patrols, National guard troops and Army Reservists as well as ROTC and JROTC programs across the United States. We sell to a large number of civilian organizations as well, not the least of which include the Boy Scouts of America and Cub Scouts. Even though we sell to so many people from such recognized organizations our primary focus is on you, the customer, so weather you are, U.S. Military, belong to a civilian organization, or if you are a civilian looking for top quality U.S Military surplus for your own personal use for hunting, camping, backpacking, hiking, paintball games you made a good choice when you clicked on ArmyOutdoor.com.

What we sell:

Our main focus is on U.S. Military Uniforms, U.S. Military field gear and U.S. Military equipment, Army surplus clothing, Military surplus clothing, basically any type of US military surplus. Here is a small sampling of the items you will find available to buy in our online store. Most or our items are US military surplus items, in stock and ready to ship from our store to your home. Army canteens, Army dress greens, Army dress blues, BDUís of all kinds from the US Army to the US Air Force, Desert BDUís, Woodland BDUís, and even the new Digital BDUís, ACUís, pistol belts, field packs, back packs, duffle bags, MOLLE packs, Boonie hats, combat hats, Kevlar helmets, combat boots, gore-tex jackets, Army coats or all types, military gloves, Army Blankets, Ammunition pouches, CVC helmets, survival vests, sage green CWU-27/P flight suits, desert tan CWU-27/P flight suits, Army Jogging suits, USAF jogging suits, field coats, Army jackets and U.S. Army tents. We have so many surplus items from so many US Military installations we could not possibly mention them all so if there is anything you are looking for, please, email us and we might just have what you need in our large suprlus warehouse.


ArmyOutdoor.com sells all types of surplus items from the Military field gear and Military uniform categories. However our true passion is for flight gear so when you visit our online store you will find that we have searched high and low and been to almost every USAF base in the United States searching for the best quality surplus available from the Air Force. We stock a huge variety of Air Force surplus item such as flight suits of all types, including, and CWU-27/P sage green flight suit, CWU-27/P desert tan flight suits, summer flyers gloves, winter flyers gloves, Desert ACU pants, Desert ACU shirts, Woodland ACU pants, Woodland ACU shirts, as well as Flyers coats and Jackets. In our online store you will find a large selection of CWU-36/P summer flyers jackets and CWU-45/P flyers coats we even carry several varieties of exposure suits and survival suits.

Our Mission:

Itís simple. Our military surplus items will be of better quality. Our prices will be the lowest in the industry. Our shipping will be faster than any of our competitors.  

Our Secret:

We keep our overhead low so you are only paying for the product. We only sell our items online via our online surplus store and through our online auctions. No retail store overhead here. You wonít find fancy boxes or fancy packing materials. There are no 800 numbers to call. No advertising other than word of mouth. We have found that every penny we spend on ďstuffĒ translates to higher prices for you the consumer so we cut out all the ďstuffĒ and just concentrate on selling low mark up high quality military surplus directly to you. 

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